Your new web goto for drugs info.

People behind it:

This project is programmad by Muntadhar Haydar
All info are brought to you with love by Mohammad Loay and Baraa Basim.

Medical References:

The primary resources of our medical info are:

  • Lippincott Illustrated Pharmacology
  • BNF
  • MedScape

Used software:

The backend wouldn't be easy if it wasn't for the awesome microframework Flask.
Click here for full flask license notice.

Icons made by Vectors Market from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


Q: What is it about?
A: It's all about making orginizing and finding drugs' info easier.

Q: What guarantees the reliablity of the data?
A: We use renowned references. They're stated above.

Q: Who made it?
A: all of programming and design ascpects were done by Muntadhar Haydar while all the data were filled by Mohammad Loay and Baraa Basim.

Q: Is there an app available for Android and iOS?
A: We're doing our best, the Android version will be released soon followed by an iOS version. In the meanwhile, the website is designed to be great on all screen sizes.


DISCLAIMER: The app team isn't responsible for any item miss-use, the app is intended to be a reference that's easy to use and easily accessible for pharmacists, doctors and those of medical training.